Mission Statement

The United Transit Leadership Organization (UTLO) is joining leaders in New York City Transit, MABSTOA, MTA Bus, and Subways. Our goal is to establish a representative collective bargaining unit within the New York State Metropolitan Transit Authority, representing all of our leaders with assistance from the new leadership of the Subway Surface Supervisors Association (SSSA).

Important Notice

The interest forms have served their purpose. However, due to very minor technicalities they could not be accepted by PERB.

Our next step in the Collective Bargaining Process is to complete, sign, and return "Designation Cards", naming UTLO as your representative for collective bargaining rights. Cards will be mailed to your homes soon. They can be given to any Comittee member or returned via our PO Box. We ask that you return the cards quickly.

Comittee members will also have cards for new members that can be filled out and returned to them immediately. Your support is appreciated.

Your UTLO Comittee