Collective Bargaining News


UTLO Achieves Recognition for Group Station Superintendents!


 On March 21st, PERB officially recognized UTLO as the Collective Bargaining Unit for our 47 Group Station Superintendents (Case # NYCT CP-1586). 

UTLO has reached another milestone as our Represented Membership grows above 450! 


Subways and DOB Support Groups:

UTLO is now on track to represent MTA Subway and Subway/Bus Support Groups. We are currently engaged in collective bargaining representation conferences with the MTA and are very close to reaching a settlement.  We anticipate that the settlement will include the titles of Superintendent and Deputy Superintendent that have similar duties and job functions as the represented titles in the Department of Buses, or approximately 475 additional UTLO UNION Members.  Designation Cards have been sent to Albany.